My son is 18, finishing Grade 12 and applying to university for the fall of 2016. He has a math and science brain, unlike my wife (BA in English, BA in Journalism) and me, dad, (BA in English, MBA). I fell into my career rather than planned for it. I wish, in retrospect, that I understood more about work – the different options, the routes to reach those options, the skills and aptitudes (and personality) needed to succeed, the actual daily tasks of working life.

I want to offer my son a few useful things to think about when he makes his choice,  based on research, my own observations, and from talking to people about their working lives and career paths.

It is a very exciting time for my son: he is waiting to hear back from the universities he has applied to. I want him to choose well, and hope I can offer just a bit of good advice.




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